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There she conducted Human Computer Interaction research and examined the design of intelligent tutoring systems, explored the design and usability of mobile devices, and investigated the use of mobile devices in emergency situations. • Mr. Meadows holds a MSEE degree from Virginia Tech and is a Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame awardee for his contributions to the NASA ACTS Program. Elena holds a Dual Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an Engineer’s Degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She is an IEEE Senior Member and served in its Board of Governors as Director, and in IEEE Communications Technology News Board and Best Readings as Editor-in-Chief.

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Astranis builds and operates a new kind of communications satellite that can change the economics of connectivity on a global scale, making it possible to provide people in historically underserved areas with affordable broadband internet for the first time. Radio frequency interference can create major issues for satellite network infrastructure on the ground, particularly now that the space environment is becoming more and more crowded. The lowering cost of space applications and systems as well as their increasing capabilities in the 5G era have led to strong rivalry for the total amount of spectrum that is now available. Is the satellite industry ready to combat interference with the same energy it uses to pursue growth? Join us for a discussion identifying the technologies and anti-jamming techniques that are currently at our disposal and which tools we’ll need to develop as space gets more crowded.

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In these leadership roles, Scott is responsible for developing, amplifying and executing the company’s JADC2 strategies and investments to propel business growth. He is also responsible for establishing the company as a thought leader and provider of enduring and agile space capabilities to ensure Northrop Grumman remains #1 in Space. Jat Brainch is Chief Commercial and Digital Officer responsible for Inmarsat’s evolving commercial, digital and product strategy and roadmap to improve business performance and customer experience. In her role, she focuses heavily on customer insight to ensure the company continues to lead the industry in advanced, customer-centric products, digital solutions and commercial services that are designed specifically for mobility and Government users. During her career as an executive and scientist in energy, aerospace, and defense, Lee has been a key decision-maker for capital budgets reaching $760 million a year. Lee is well published on a variety of technical topics and is a sought-after speaker and moderator across industries.

He led a period of rapid growth for the MIDS JTRS program, including the integration of the CMN-4 terminal on multiple new aircraft types. Mr. Mucha was asked to spearhead NAVWAR 5.0’s innovation initiatives in 2017 in support of high velocity learning and rapid prototyping. Mr. Gomez works as an Adjunct Professor at the George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering teaching at the ECE and IT departments. Prior to this role, Mr. Gomez served as Vice President of Engineering for SES Government Solutions. He has over 25 years of professional experience and served in multiple leadership and technical roles at OneWeb, COMSAT, TrustComm, Inmarsat Government and others.

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Gold has authored numerous law review articles and editorials addressing commercial space issues. Steve Collar was appointed CEO of SES in April 2018, having previously led both O3b Networks and SES Networks. As CEO of O3b Networks, Steve guided the company through the successful build and launch of its state-of-the-art non-geostationary satellite constellation.

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Jon joined Kymeta in 2022 and is responsible for leading Kymeta’ s Global Sales and Services. Jon’s career has covered various disciplines of the telecommunications industry including space, terrestrial, MNO and internet sectors. In his previous role at Intelsat Jon led market development, external partnerships Dating4disabled account and alliances into emerging markets and technologies globally. Jon also led several key initiatives including the creation of Intelsat’s Global Accounts program and managed Intelsat’s African business. Jon also held various senior sales and marketing leadership positions at ViaSat, Uniden Corp. and Motorola.

She graduated with distinction from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; studied at Jussieu in Paris and the Centre des Etudes Maghrebienne en Tunisie ; and graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College in Political Science and Economics. Her native tongue is Telugu; she also speaks Hindi, French, Arabic, Croatian, and Urdu. Sita serves as Executive Board Member for Women in Aerospace, The Johns Hopkins University President’s Alumni Council, and the Washington Leadership Program. Electrical Engineer specializing in Antenna Design, Antenna Metrology, and Communication Systems.

Sidus Space has a mission of Bringing Space Down to Earth™ and a vision of enabling space flight heritage status for new technologies while delivering data and predictive analytics to domestic and global customers. Sidus Space is backed by proven experience in the design, development, and commercialization of new and innovative space technologies and services through aerospace and defense partnerships and collaborations serving both government and commercial space industries. Sidus Space has a broad range of Space-As-a-Service offerings including space-rated hardware manufacturing, design engineering, satellite manufacturing and platform development, launch and support services, data analytics services and satellite constellation management. In this role he shapes and directs 3D product development to meet US and international government needs. His undergraduate education is in aerospace engineering and he has a masters of science in operations research and statistics.

During this session, antenna developers will share what they’ve learned throughout their quest to defy the limitations of physics and how understanding those limits helped them focus their product development strategies around customer needs. The discussion will also highlight important ground segment design considerations of multi orbit / multi-frequency modems, amplifiers and the intricate smart control systems required to make these next-generation systems work in space and on the ground. The demands of the Space and Satellite Industry push the development and deployment of space systems at an accelerated rate. Manufacturers must meet this challenge with cost reduction and risk reduction, and many are adopting digital transformation as a means to make system decisions earlier in the workflow, using informed digital models or “Digital Twins”. In this presentation Keysight will introduce the concepts and tools that allow concept, design, prototype and manufacturing stages of a workflow to share unified models and interfaces that span the digital and physical.

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